Friday, April 22, 2011

♥ CLIO Make Up Competiiton

Guess everyone was watching the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Haha.
I watched it too! Omg, Kate is so lucky married with a prince!
Know what? Only the wedding ring costs 32 Million Pounds! Then what about the whole wedding?? :O
The wedding ring was fashioned by Welsh jewellers from a piece of Welsh gold.
Plus, the wedding veil was designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of the Alexander McQueen label.
And now, they are married couple! Aww~ Wishing both of them always happy and blissful! :)
Well, get into the real topic. I was being the part of model for CLIO Make Up Competition by Stella In.
It was my second time being the model of creative make up. Haha.
But this time won't be that exaggerate like APT Academy one, the make up was all over my face. Lol*
My make-up artist was Christine. By the way, congratulations to us as we'd made it into the final round! 
Yet, too bad I couldn't be her model for the final round cause that day was my Vogue Grand Final.
She needed me so badly and asked me to find a pretty model for her. Haha!

The different Grace. :P

The contestants and models.

Processing. Don't chu think I was like just escaping from a jungle? Hahaha!

 My lovely make-up artist. She's pretty and really good in make up. :)

Met Yunna dear.

Love this!

Credits to Yee Hong. More to come!

Group Photo.

A rose which given to the models.

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

By the way, today is raining damn heavily! Flash flood happened in the whole Penang!
God damn it, the traffic is terrible starting from morning till the afternoon.
Especially Georgetown area, Burma road and outside my house as well. Zzz
I was very pek chek just now driving on the road with terrible jam! Urghh!
I took some pictures of the scenes, traffic jam and floods that I saw. Lol*
Check it out readers.

Lunch at Song River today. Look at that!

Those aunties uncles were still eating. Lol*

Northam Hotel back door. Almost a tyre height! No joke!

France Taipei that one-way road.

The way to Northam Hotel was jamming! But the way to Kelawai Road was so smooth!

Terrible traffic jam!

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

In fact, I was driving while taking the photos. Well well, I know it's dangerous. Haha!
Oh! Our final exam result just released today! I was so nervous once I woke up.
I was afraid that I couldn't get the result like what I wished.
I wanna score all high distinctions! At least a distinction will do. Hmm
And guess what? I get all As except one subject A-. How good if I get 4 flat. Haha.
Anyway, I'm satisfied enough already! First time ever I got the best result! :D
I'm really thankful for B always giving me non-stop consultation whenever. ILY!
Yet, my darlings too! And thank you mummy always urge me to study study study. Lol*
Check it out. :)

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

I really do appreciate. Love y'all! :D


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