Tuesday, January 31, 2012

♥ Smitten Boutique Studio Photoshoot

I'm so happy today! I was shortlisted for casting at Gary Star Talent Agency.
It was my first time went for a casting and the casting is for Pizza Hut advertisement.
So I gotta pretend like I'm eating a delicious, tasty pizza and show my exaggerate facial expression. Lmao*
By the way, I met Nikki there! She went for the casting too, what a coincidence! :D
Hopefully both of us can get involved this commercial ads together. Good luck yo!

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Well, I feel this is an interesting post as I love all the photos taken by Azlan, the photographer.
I was asked by dear Minny to be her model for her pretty clothes, Smitten Boutique
Her shop is located at Tanjung Bungah, just few shop lots beside Ananda.
They have many pretty and nice clothes and dresses, must buy! :)
Check out their website peepo! Smitten Boutique

Facial expressions. LOL

The front cover of Smitten Boutique.
Love this! #awesome :)

Super loving this as well! :D

Love this dress!

Choose your favourite colour.

Sweet look. :)

Office lady look. Haha

Teacher look. #mature + sweet

Elegance dress.

Three elegance ladies.

Love my red dress so much! But out of stock dy! :(

I love red! You? :)

Thanks dear Minny captured this. :)

Endless Love~

Cheerful! :D

Cheeky look! :P

Nights readers! #self-shot

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Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy readers.
Stay tuned for the next post. :) 

♥ Grace

Monday, January 30, 2012

♥ CNY 龙年:年初八,年初十一

Hey readers, I'm back to KayElle life again. Three days in Penang passed so fast. Lol*
I headed to Autocity meet darlings housemates right after my competition yesterday.
They're so lovely, they were waiting for me until I finished competition. Thanks guys! :)
Hmm..Let's talk about the Miss GP Motorshow yesterday.
Guess who were the judges? Leng Yein, DJ JJ & Ean! Glad to see them! :D
They're so nice and friendly and I managed to take pictures with them. Hehe
Will post it soon when I update about that. Stay tuned guys!
Well, I won the 1st runner-up though many of them thought that I would be the winner.
I'm happy with the result and I already expected that maybe I wouldn't be the winner.
However, I'm very honored that JJ and Ean marked me as first place! #yay
Both of them said the same thing, "She's my No. One!" , "She's also my No. One!" :D 
This is happy enough. Haha. I've done my best and we should respect judges' decision.
Thank you my friends and I know you guys are not satisfied with the result. Lol*
At least I won a title right? #cheer buddy :)

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Well, this is the last post of CNY 2012, Chu 8 and Chu 11.
Chu 8 - I had a primary school gathering at Chili's, Gurney Plaza.
They had organised gathering for a few times but it was my first time attending this event. Lol*
We talked a lot about the history during primary life like who was your crush. Hahaha!
So funny when were talking about this topic. :)

A different look.

Outfit of the day:
Top - #sungai wang
Bottom - #nichii
Handbag - #subzero
Ballet Flats - #charles & keith
Hair Accessories - #diva
Diamond Spec - #megamal
Necklace - #forever 21
Belt - #forever 21
Ring - #vincci

Had lunch at Dragon-i with mummy first.

Jolynn sis came to meet us.

Loving it!

#leopard print.

Primary school gathering.

Beatrice. Thoong Lyn and Me.

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At night, went to uncle's house "bai tian gong".

Once a year! Slurp*

She's so cute and smart girl!

Such a long day~

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

Chu 11 - Day out with my high school besties.

Heading to Queensbay.

Outfit of the day:
Top - #sungai wang
Bottom - #sungai wang
Belt - #sungai wang
Bracelet -  #forever 21
Necklace - #forever 21
Handbag - #subzero
Heels - #vincci

Had our lunchie at Sakae Sushi.
My favourite #chawan mushi. :)


 Dear Joan.

Back to our position again. Hahaha!

Yun Tyn. Grace. Joan. Jun Rui

Smooch smooch*

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Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy readers.
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