Sunday, April 10, 2011

♥ Gurney Models Wanna Be

I came back from Queensbay for the rehearsal of Vogue For Virtue.
I feel sad because I'm contestant number 1! 我不要啊! I need to remember the runway choreography. :(
Duhh it's fine. Number 1 has their own advantages though. People look at you first? Haha kidding!
Yet, this competition is making me so tired from the beginning but I do enjoy it la anyway.
To be honest, I never expect to win anything cause the females contestants are really competitive.
Who they are especially? Eugenee, Fancy, Elise, Jane, Vincy...They're experienced! Haha.
I'm short anyway. Lol* So, just try my best in the show. I'm very glad that I'm in Top 10 already. Heh
Fyi, this coming Saturday will be the Charity Fashion Show with the celebrities.
Such as Amber Chia, Elaine Daly, Carmen Soo and many more. Come and watch people! :)
However, we contestants are just "keh leh feh". Haha. We'll just do the preview of the finalist.
And, Sunday will be the Grand Finale & Prize Presentation. We're the main characters now. Haha
Both of the shows will be held at Ground Floor Central Atrium of Queensbay.
Well, I would like to blog about the model competition this lately, Gurney Models Wanna Be.
Someone said that the tittle isn't really nice to hear as the word "Wanna Be"?? Haha.
Okay, skip that! I'm very happy yet get shocked I got the Best Catwalk Award!
It was my first model competition ever and my first time I won an award! Teehee*
Big thanks to my family and friends, they came to support me. Oh, not to forget my B as well. :)
I'm sorry don't feel like talking too much. Check out the pictures!

Hair-do sponsored by Extreme Hair Specialist
Make-up sponsored by Bobbi Brown

Round 1 - Hip Hop Fashion.

Round 2 - Office Wear.

Round 3 - Casual Wear.

Round 4 - Evening Wear.

With my partner - Ben Ng.

Thanks to Yee Liang for the photo. :)

My mum loves my smile. Lol*

Before announcing the result, I performed my solo dance requested by the organizer.

Group photo.

While waiting for the result.

All the winners. Best Male & Female, Best Catwalk and Ms and Mr Popular.

The prizes!!! Don't envy friend. :D

Good night!

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

Well, I gotta pack up my stuff for tomorrow CLIO Make Up Competition by Stella In.
I'm not doing the part of make-up artist, yet I'll be their model. Lol*
It will be held at New Wing Atrium, Gurney Plaza at 2pm. Feel free to drop by. 
Alright, till then. Xoxo


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