Wednesday, July 27, 2011

♥ a Day with my Bao Bei

Hello it's Friday again! People hang out while I'm just staying at home facing Snowbie.
Err..Snowbie is my lappie by the way. Haha. Since I'm so free, let's blogging then!
Talk about last night first, darlings classmates came over my house to have steamboat.
Guess all of us did enjoy last night, watched "Laughing Sir" while having dessert. Woots!
Oh ya, finally I bought a dinner gown at Prangin Mall last few days for my cousin's wedding dinner.
I'm shooo happy! The gown is so nice and the boss discount cheaper for me!
My mum never said long gown is suitable for me, however this is it! Will show it to y'all next time. :D

Well, gonna blog about a Day with my Bao Bei before our final exam. 
Fyi, I've already completed my Diploma studies. This is happened one month ago. Lol*
We had our lunchie at Eden Restaurant. The food was not bad though.
Lovely ambience and cozy surrounding feeling there. Suitable for couples. Hehe
Check this out readers! :)

Welcome To Eden. :)
*no outside food allowed*

Heading to Eden.

Pretty decorations, nope?

What is baby looking? Haha!


B in Yellow.

BB in Blue.


Slurp slurp*

Always love to have lunch with you. Hehe



What expression is this? Haha!

Teehee us!

Paying the bill.

Blue blue sky~

Say hi to the blogger!

We're perfect match yo! ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

Lemme tell you a good news! Just got a call from Zheng Green Tea this afternoon.
I've been told that I've successfully entered the semi finals of the singing competition on 25th September! Yay!
Total there are 44 contestants successfully entered to the next round include few friends of mine.
Congratulations! And let us fight for this together alright? See more, Zheng Green Tea
By the way, I'll be joining Miss Cheong Sam tomorrow and Sunday at Megamal.
It's a last minute decision though cause I need money so badly. Lol*
Good luck and all the best to myself! Hehe.
Alright, enjoy reading readers! :)


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