Tuesday, May 3, 2011

♥ Pulau Aman, one-day-trip

I don't feel like blogging today actually. No idea why, but I'm sure after I visited my dad at GMC.
Admission for the second time already. The second time called emergency ambulance at 5am!
Not going to say what's wrong with him but hope he will be better soon. God bless him~ 
I really do cry every time I see him on the sickbed. I feel so sorrow man. :'(
I just cried when I was driving back to home. Seriously a sad case for us. Haih
Fine, skip topic. I went Pulau Aman with darlings classmates during sem break.
Pulau Aman is an island off the coast of Bukit Tambun, Perai. It's located to the southeast of Penang island.
This outing actually was planned by Edward. Currently his Facebook name is Edward Fichtner. Lol*
But the bad thing is only 7 of us could attend for this activity, missing a lot of them. :/
Anyway, we did enjoy the whole trip especially the eating part. Haha
Wanna know more about this little island, place your cursor here and CLICK.
Just check out the photos.


Driver again. Haha

Heading to Bukit Tambun.

Penang Bridge.

Reached jetty.


Let's move!

In the boat.

The price. 

Beautiful scene right?

Welcome to Pulau Aman!

Missing myself. Haha

All of us. :)

Edward Fichtner! Lol*

Apa ni?? Haha.

Heading to Telaga Emas.

Saw a cute kitten. Aww~

Not yet reach! Arghh~

Like finally! 

This is the Telaga Emas. Any emas here?? Lol*

Smile naturally! Hahaha!

So cute! Haha

Alright, continue to the next stop.

There's a RED between occasionally. 

Sukun tertua di Malaysia!

Finally, eating time! 

Hello everybody!

Restoran Terapung is a must visit when you come. The Mee Udang is superb! :D

But firstly, you can choose your favourite seafood and ask the restaurant to cook for you. :)

We bought udang and ketam. Hiak hiak!

Do I look hungry? Haha. Love this picture by the way. :P

Wahh! Food food food! Slurp slurp* :D

Look at them. Hahaha!

Say yummy!!

Suddenly many people came visit too! Some aunties brought their own sambal. Haha!

Look at Zong Run how he treats the ice cream. Lol*

Scream 4! This is Yunna. Lol*

Time to say bye bye!

Before we left. :)

Nice picture. Hehe

Yunna is funny. Allah allah~

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

Later on, we dropped by Bukit Mertajam and tasted delicious ice kacang and curry mee. 

Then, headed to BM Jusco watch movie. Forgotten what movie. Lol*

Played this before movie. Haha

Tiring day. Back to Penang!

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

Mind me tell you a good news? I've made it into the Grand Final of Miss Megamall this coming Sunday.
I'm quite satisfied with my performance during semi-fnal but a little disappoint for preview show yesterday.
I didn't do what I planned for the catwalk show, in more accurate word is I forgot! Ish*
Anyhow, I hope I can do all my best during final, get into Top 5 and perform my talent.
Only Top 5 have to perform talent show, I'm gonna sing and dance like usual. Lol*
What to sing and what to dance? Hmm..It's still a secret. Haha
Feel free come to support me on Sunday, 6pm. I need supporters badly!
Not sure whether my family is coming over or not as my dad is not convenient. 
My dad used to come support me whenever I have competition. *Tears drop again :'(
And you know what? I visited him last night after preview show, guess what he said when he saw me...
He asked: "你的比赛怎样?有进到吗?" / "How was your competition? Did you make it into final?"
Plus, he's having difficulty to talk, his throat got problem. But the first thing he asked is....:'( :'(
Well well, I'm trying to stop my tears right now. Deep breathe*
God, please help daddy get recover soon... :(
I Love You, Daddy. Xoxo


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