Tuesday, January 1, 2013

♥ New Year Eve 2012 | Happy New Year 2013

TGIF! Had classes in the morning and I'm free now but then very lazy to hang out. Lol*
I rather stay at home to take a power nap and update my bloggie. Hehe
So what's up! Any plans for your lovely weekends? I got my own plans! :)
Yet, I will have my own transport in KayElle next week like finally!
But only having for one month then gotta face the killing final exam. -.-
Anyway, I'm gonna enjoy thoroughly before the final exam then finish my studies in KayElle. So sad. :(
Well, let's blog about something happy - New Year Eve 2012 with the darlings housemates.
We countdown at Sunway Giza, all bistros and pubs are full house except Bola Bistro.
Lastly, we have no choice to step in Bola instead of Beer Factory.
Fortunately, overall was not bad though, but we couldn't hear loud music the place we were at.
Let the pictures do the talking then. :)

Yours truly.


Someone stole our black label!!

Our boss, Edward! Okay just kidding. Lol*

Baby boy.


Suzanne and Stephy.

Euwing and Kar Meng.

Do we look like 'couple'? Hahaha!

Oh Euwing!

Hello Amirul!

I think the red and white stripes shirt guy stole our black label. Zzz



Lastly, group picture! :D


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