Wednesday, December 26, 2012

♥ Wednesday Dating

It's 2:30am now and I'm still awake. Lol* But wanna update my blog. :P
I'm going to Singapore for vacation so any boutiques hotel recommend? :)
Haha. I know Singapore hotels are kinda expensive but I almost bankrupt after BKK Trip before CNY. Lol*
Let me know if you know any nice hotels or may comment on this post below okie? Hehe thanks!
Well, just a short update today. Gotta sleep after this as I have class at 10am tomorrow. Hmm
A simple dating with baby boy and we watched 'Ah Boys To Men'.
Heard many people said it's very good but overall I feel the movie is not bad laa. (3 stars) 
Then, we met my baby little sis and we brought her to 'gai-gai' around Gurney.
Everyone was looking at us like we're the papa and mama. Damn paiseh. Lol*


Hey sir! :D

Had lunch at Chicago Rib House, craving for Grilled Blackened Catch. Yumm~

Peace yo!


Well, I seldom take pictures with my right-side face. Lol*

Look! Who's here? :D

#expression 1

#expression 2

#expression 3

Why so cute!

You see me, I see you.

Wahhh..... :D

Fitting at Topshop. Haha good night! :)

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  1. Hey
    Would suggest RuckSack Inn Chinatown
    Nice, clean and comfortable.
    Price is reasonable too.
    Very convenient, walking distance to Clarke Quay and MRT Station Clarke Quay.

    I tried 5Footway Inn as well at Arab Street.
    Not Bad also. A lot of nearby restaurant.

    Hope this helps and enjoy ur trip! :)

    1. Thanks a lot! :D
      But is RuckSack Inn safe?? Like everyone sharing a room.

    2. They do have like a standard room. Double bed for 2 person. I sneaked peak the standard room and its quite comfortable also. Most of the budget hotel in spore is sharing basis. And i didnt stay in the mixed dorm. I went with 3 other friends so we stayed in 1 room with 2 double decker bed. If u travel with friends would be great in 1 room. Mayb if u bring ur partner can try the standard room. Toilet is sharing but i can asure is very clean.

      Its just my experience but dunno whether it would be ok for u. To me so far was a good stay.