Wednesday, December 12, 2012

♥ The days after ACCA!

After so long, I continue to blog again. Been busy with assignment and lazy to blog. Oops haha!
Busyness still going on. I have a presentation this Saturday and audit mid-term test next week. #whysobusy
But after the test, I'll be going to Bangkok! :D My first oversea trip in 2013 and it have been ages I didn't go travel.
Kinda excited with the trip. Gonna grab many pretty stuffs and clothing for CNY. Hehe
Will blog about it after CNY anyway. Stay tuned! So have you done your CNY shopping yet? :)
By the way, I've cut my hair to a shorter length and hair colour is almost black!
Baby boy and friends can't used to it even myself. Haha! But some of them love my new hairstyle. Winks*
Thanks Rainb Lim, Artistic Director of The-School Hair Academy for the lovely hairstyle.
Well, today is blogging about some activities I'd done after ACCA Exam on December last year. Lol*
Speaking of ACCA, the result will be released on next Friday. Gosh so nervous of it!
Hopefully I won't fail all three professional papers. Poppi poppi* :(

Yours truly.

After the last paper of ACCA, dinner at Sushi Tei Gurney.

We saw them rehearsal. Awesome! :D

The next day, outing with sisters.

Angeline sis.


Jolynn sis.

Bar B Q Plaza for FREE! #vouchers from ifeel girl search :D

Happy eating!

Somehow I love my hair in this pic. Hehe

Angry Birds! >.<

Eat angry birds niao...

Same face tak? :P

Paris! Dajie miss ni liao! :)

Nights readers!

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♥ Grace


  1. can do daily eyeliner/eye makeup tutorial ? your eyes makeup quite simple and nice :)

    1. Thanks girl. Will try to do next time. :)