Tuesday, January 15, 2013

♥ K-Pop The 27th Golden Disk Awards @ Sepang

Hey I'm back! Sorry readers, I've been busy with exams and selling ePure Membranous Jelly Masque.
Wanted to blog but time doesn't allow me to. Hmm. So I guess I gotta update a blog post.
I'll try to abandon some posts that are not really interesting, I have almost 28 drafts in my dashboard. Lol*
Well, would like to blog about Golden Disk Awards which was held in Sepang a.k.a GDA.
I guess some of you still remember this event? Haha. Sorry for the delay anyway. :P
Attended GDA with baby boy and I remember I asked for car from mum.
So that I have transport to go to Sepang which is damn far away from my hostel. Lol*
To be frank, not really enjoy during the night as I only know those songs of my idols like 4-minute and Kara.
My boy knows more than me so I guess he very much enjoyed the concert? ;)


Rockpit zone but turned out very disappointing. 

Along with Tarcians.

While waiting outside the gate. We reached at 4pm. Lol*


My favourite 4-minute! :D

My Hyuna is so pretty and cute!


Trouble Maker!

4-minute's turn finally!


Why so cute?!


The End.

 Supper at SS2 Murni. 
Yummy lou shu fan. Thumbs up*

This is must order! Roti Hawaii.

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  1. haha so crowded! >.< dowan squeeze with ppl ler.