Friday, January 7, 2011

♥ New Year Resolutions

Sorry readers, I'm not blogging this lately as I'm having my finals right now before CNY.
I know this is kinda late but I would like to blog about my New Year Resolutions!
I'm sure all of you have your own too right?
But before this, let me review back what I'd done last year. :)

Things Happened In Year 2010...

1) I was the dance instructor of Penang Chinese Girls' High School and invited by Heng Ee High School.

2) Went Pantai Kerachut with darlings classmates! 

3) First time I did so much thing for a friend's birthday. She's Tami. *one of my darlings*  

4) Joined Astro Star Quest 2010. Succeed into first heat but failed to the next round.
    *will join again after my diploma*
    By the way, congratulations to Yi Poi, Fyone and StephanieCheck this out!

5) In a relationship with him, Kc Chin

6) Champion of TeensStar Singing Competition. My first champion ever in my life! :D

7) My first time being judge of a beauty pageant 马来西亚华裔校花 and catwalk instructor.

8) Celebrated my birthday with B and darlings classmates for the first time. 

9) Received my first Roxy wallet as present given by my boyfie.

10) Queensbay Shop & Sing Competition, failed after semi-final.

11) My freckles is laser off the second time. Yay!

12) Dropped my cell phone for twice! First was at Tar College, second was at GSC washroom. Wtf!

13) Did my first vlog ever. *video-blogging* 

14) Took part in MusicOne Singing Competition organised by Station One Leisure Cafe but I'd lose. :(

15) Changed to a new blog which is the one you're reading now. :)

16) Bought a new computer and a new camera, Canon Ixus 300HS in white! Teehee* 

17) Took part in Double Dare Streetdance Competition

18) Won 金奖 服装奖 for both State and National Dance Competition. PCGHS & Heng Ee Rockss!! :D
      *I have only one video here,  醉山寨*

19) First time been to Sunway Lagoon with mua family. It was fun! 

20) Celebrated New Year Eve 2010 with B and darlings but missing some of them is the only imperfection. :(

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

My New Year Resolutions 2011...

1) Hope to get higher CGPA, 3.6 perhaps? I'm going to graduate this year! Oh no!

2) I wanna have more part-time jobs like modelling or dance instructor to earn pocket money.

3) Involve myself in more various competition such as singing, dancing or beauty pageant.

4) Desire a branded handbag, LV or Burberry perhaps? :)

5) Own a white Toshiba or Dell laptop.

6) Buy Iphone as my LG phone is currently dead right now. Lol*

7) Buy myself a set of brand make up cosmetics and skin care products. I don't use skin care in fact. 

8) Improve my English! :)

9) Be a more active blogger, and hope people would like to watch my vlog. Heh

10) I can celebrate Valentine's Day with my B, just a dinner will do.

11) Hopefully mum will allow me go for a trip with darlings after my diploma

12) Might have the chance to go club? A little try of clubbing life. Lol*

13) Cherish the moment with darlings classmates, we still left two sem breaks then we'll leave each other apart. :(

14) Wish the people around me stay healthy and happy always!

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

My current profile picture.

By the way, I have some videos to upload in fact. So stay tuned alright?
Lastly, a very Happy New Year 2011! :D




  1. Wow... so nice! Congratz for all the things you did. Continue leading such colorful life! Love you always.

  2. Thank you! You would comment my blog post! Awww~ See you around dear. :)