Monday, July 9, 2012

♥ Penang TARC Prom Night 2012

I'm kinda lazy to blog recently, lazy to edit photos and thinking of what to blog. Hmm
I promised to blog more often right? Failed blogger I am. Lol*
Let me briefly telling what am I up to. Finished my mid-term tests last two weeks finally.
It was seriously torturing, feel like having final exam rather than a TEST!
We just got our P1 paper back this morning, luckily I passed. Thank god~
*P1 is one of the ACCA Qualification - Government, Risk & Ethics*
Lecturer mentioned that others didnt do well yet our class is the best among of his tutorial classes. Cool! :D
Well, I'm blogging about this and congrats to Jolynn sis that she won the Prom Queen of Penang TARC!
We're proud of you and you deserve it. But one thing is keep on slimming down kay? Lol*
You always mention about your on diet plan in your blog. Haha!
A lil disappointed when I saw this event as much less people attended this year. Hmm
It's alright, next year will be better! Please support alright? :)

Loving my make up. Hee

Blazer & long tank from Cotton On, Sling bag from Padini
Necklace from Subzero, Heels from Vincci.

Just did hair treatment before that day so my hair looks kinda straight. Lol*

With pretty mum.

Met Yijia! Long time no see. :D

Hello Chien Ming. :)

Dancemates / Ex-students / Juniors except Chien Ming. Lol*


Hello judges! Don & Ice. :P


 Op op op oppa sexy back!

At the backstage with the contestants. 

Prom King 2011.

Prom Queen 2011, BearBear.


Nervous nervous!

Congrats Cherish winning 1st runner-up!

Congrats Jerry winning 1st runner-up! You look sad weii. Haha! :D

Prom King of the year!


Prom Queen of the year, Jolynn Choong! :D

Congrats all! :D

Best dance mates! Miss you girls. :)

Ping Ping is the next prom queen! LOL!

Group pic. Yay! :P

Family pic. Haha

NUEVE with mum and god-grandmas. Haha!

Before make up. Nights! :)

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

By the way, I received some feedback that they love reading my blog! :D
Thank you readers but I'm sorry for not updating often. Hahaha. I'll try my best. 
Anyway, kindly support my blog still! Xoxo
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♥ Grace


  1. Helo..我想问你们那些PROM QUEEN/KING的衣服都是自己准备的吗?还是怎样的?我们学校在筹备着PROM, 所以想请教一下 :)

    1. 对不起那么久了才回复你。才艺的服装是自己准备的,晚装是赞助的。希望可以帮到你。:)