Sunday, July 22, 2012

♥ Fashion Show @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamal

Woohoo! Finally I bought the tickets for Jolin Myself World Tour 2012 Concert!
I was facing the same website for three hours as I was waiting for mum's answer whether sisters are going with me too. And keep refreshing refreshing to pick the best seats. Zzz
I've no idea why I desire to watch the concert so desperately. Lol* 
Frankly speaking, the tickets are considered quite cheap compared to Jay Chou's concert.
VIP seats for Jolin Tsai's concert are only RM 480 yet Jay Chou's concert are RM 600++. Big difference!
So for those who never watch concert don't think that's very expensive. Haha
Anyway, can't wait to watch the concert on 16th of November with my beloved sisters! :D
More information about the concert, please click HERE.

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

I'm very surprised that I was selected for the Fashion Show @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamal.
Honestly, I treasure every chances whenever I got the chance to be a runway model.
Guess some of you know that I didn't meet the height requirement as a runway model, at least 170cm.
That's the reason I'm really happy, and STILLLL happy cause I love catwalk very much!
Although I'm not a real runway model but the best thing I have is the Best Catwalk Award. :)
It's considered as an affirmation for me. Thank you judges! :D
Yet, it was my first time to Malacca and also alone. Mum worried me a lot. Haha
Everything went smoothly fortunately! Hehe

Love the make up!
Thanks to Snips Academy. :)

4-stars hotel provided by the organizer. Woots!

Met Fancy there! What a coincidence! :D

I like this style! 

On the stage.

Met a new pretty friend, Josephine. She's also Tarcian! :)
We bumped into each other in college. Haha

Doesn't she look like Angelababy?! Heard that she's quite famous at Malacca.

On the way back.

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

RANDOM:: Dating with him the next day.

Had dinner at Sakae Sushi with FREE vouchers! :D

Another day at Genting Highlands. 

When I was in Penang, met my darling Esther at Queensbay. :)

How are you, 傻大姐? :P

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

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