Thursday, June 21, 2012

♥ U Magazine Cover Girl & Boy Search 2012

I'm sure everyone watched the war between our Malaysian Hero, Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan.
It was a close game right! Dato' Lee was so upset and he even cried. :( 
His official Twitter tweeted this "I'm sorry". You have nothing to sorry about. Cheer*
Us Malaysians are heart-broken, not because of we lose but our hero has tears streaming down his face.
Don't cry hero, you know you're the ONLY person who can get us, 'MALAYSIANS' to be so united!
This is so called MALAYSIA! You've done your very very BEST for the last game and we're super proud of you instead of blaming you not getting the gold medal. You played very well last night indeed.
Cheer up Dato' Lee, we support you always because you're the SUPER LEE in all Malaysian's heart!
WE  YOU 李宗伟!! :D

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

Well, blogging about U Magazine Cover Girl & Boy Search 2012.
There are too much story behind for this competition. :)
I posted a status on my Facebook before and people started gossip about it and rumours began.
Pathetic right? If you don't know the story behind then better don't speak it out. 
Don't judge before you well aware of everything for god's sake. Lol*
However, I must emphasize here is that "NOT THE JUDGES' PROBLEM". They are very fair! Lol*
Anyway, I'm satisfied with my performance that day. Winks* :D

Preliminary Round.


Met Esther Soon in the competition, she brought me to delicious tomyam after that. :)

Sporty look!

Thanks Angeline sis always accompany me! Big kiss!

Katherine, she's very sweet yo! :D

Esther babe gave me a kiss. Haha!

Louis kaka-caucau! Lol*

Met a new friend, Alvan. He looks much younger than his age. Lol*

Photoshooting Day.

Make up and hair do by SS Image.

Doesn't look like me, I know right? Haha.


Oh yeah, semi final day.

Touch up by me, look at the bling bling diamonds. :P

Loving my star earrings!

My high school mates. :D

My designer of the outfit. Thanks Beng Zuan! :D

My all-time good sisters. Thanks for helping! Mwah!

Ready for the second round.

Practising. Lol*

My hair stylist, Yumi. She's good!

With Esther dear. :)

They said I look like 米雪. Haha!

Pretty Esther!

With the top model - Yee Weng Jeng. Haha!

My junior a.k.a student, Leh Yoong! :D

My hot babe, Katherine! 

Pretty Sheue Yen!

Nice gown sponsored by Aden Yong. :)

Grand Final Day~

Loving the dress!

My favourite hair stylist, Yumi. :)
Angelababy wanna-be, I know still far. Haha!

Pretty Chee Chee! She looks cool but she's a very nice girl in fact. :)

Thanks for helping again! Josylnn & Angeline sis. :D

Michelle sis came to support me too!

The handsome, Alvan. Haha!

Jess & Ann.

First met with this pretty, Ewen! Nice meeting you! :D

Yumi again! I didn't know she does modelling also. Lol*

Esther done well that day! Bravo!

Hui Ming a.k.a Chee Chee. :P

Hot chick - Kath! :P

Mister South East Asia International (Yee Weng Jeng) vs Ms Grace. :P

On the stage.

Round 2 with this gown but different hair style done by Yumi. Thank you! 

Round 3 - Love this gown so much! Thanks Aden Yong! :D
*somehow I look like a thai. lol*

Banner of myself.

My junior a.k.a student, a talented girl - Alice Leow. 

Thanks Yumi for all the hair do. :)

I look so slim! Happy die*

Waiting for the result. Tired* :/

After competition, dinner at Xuan Xin Restaurant with family and godgrandma. 

Daddy looks upset, it's okay dad. Thanks for your support. Love you both! :D

Good night readers. 

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

Although I lose yet I met a lot of nice friends during the competition. I enjoyed the process!
To all my friends including facebook friends whoever supporting me, thank you so much! :D
I will keep it up for the upcoming competition, try my best not to let you disappointed. Haha
Alright, till then. :)

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Stay tuned for the next post. :) 

♥ Grace

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