Monday, May 28, 2012

♥ MV Shooting by Equator Academy of Art

Hey readers, I've just posted a photo on my Facebook Page, boyish look of me.
Somebody told me that I look very different in that photo. Haha! I agree. Lol*
But there is another photo which is you guys totally cannot recognize me, rock & roll style! :D
Yet, I'm gonna post a photo and I'm sure y'all sure will be very surprised when you see my hairstyle. 
So, stay tuned for more pics! Get close to my facebook page! :)

Well, today I'm gonna blog about the MV Shooting by Equator Students.
Joey invited me for this video shooting and she asked me whether can give a hand. 
Since I was so free during my semester break, so why not? :)
Anyway, I feel so happy to work with all of them because they're same like me, talkative and '38'. Hahaha!
The video is done, I've posted at the end of this post. Not bad though.
Watch it! As you would see me (real) crying at the last scene. Lol*
Check it out! :D

My look of the day.

My partner, Sampson Chew. :)

Back to school! Yay!

Another character, Wallace Mak. :)

I look so young here! HAHA

Baby came to see me after work! :D

My hair was that smooth but now.. :(


Aww~ Loves*

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♥ Grace


  1. u from PCGHS?? can i call u senior? i just graduated last year!!! u are so pretty ^^