Sunday, May 20, 2012

♥ Semester Break

Well, just feel like blogging before I off to bed as I know it'd been ages I didn't update already. I am so sorry!
Today I got a photoshoot for charity stuff, wearing the collections by a designer, Aden Yong.
Later on, I went alone to 1st Avenue waiting my Elise dear to come over, like almost one hour. Omg*
*i'm gonna stop eating for one month. lol*
After our dinner, chilling at Nueve with Junior, her boyfie and some friends. Simple and awesome.
Not bad though, I bumped into a long lost friend, Khangie Khang, like one year two years? Can't remember. Haha!
Alright, gonna simply blog about my whole semester break. Super old post yeah I know. :(

520 Day.

Guess where am I? 

We were at Mont Kiara! Our first time. :)

Happy 520!

Our dinner here. 

He's wearing the watch I gave him! Hehe

Celebrating classmate's birthday at G6. 

Like this pic! :P

Green lantern? Lol*

Evelyn, hot classmate.

The birthday boy looks kinky. Hahaha!


Slept already?

Too tired? Haha!

Gimme back my hat! Lol*

Yunna, my beloved roommate.

My baby boy. Loves*

I miss her so much! :D

In the basin. Adorable!

Preparation for Mother's Day Celebration. 

Dang dang~

Happy Mother's Day. 

My cousin's newborn baby. What an expression! :D

Well, and this is my newborn baby sister. Her name is Paris Choong Jia Yu. :)

Celebrated Huii Huii's 21st Birthday! Mwahh! :D


Grandpa and grandma. Long time no see. :)

He's very naughty!

Random: Saw a very cute baby @ J Co Donuts. Lol*

Outing with Sook Lee & Beng Zuan, old dancing mates. :)

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♥ Grace

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