Monday, November 28, 2011

♥ SBS Prom Night 2011

Happy Thaipusam! It's another holiday for us, enjoying? :)
Well, I just stay at home with my family as I'm leaving to KayElle soon.
I heard that there is a terrible traffic jam around Penang. So, stay at home is a better choice. Haha
So I'm gonna blog about my first competition in KayElle - SBS Prom Night.
What does SBS stand for? It stands for School of Business Studies
Our main branch college has two types of prom night, Odyssey and SBS prom night. Lol*
During this competition, we had catwalk training and all, almost everyday.
I met lotsa friends there and they are nice and friendly. Nice to meet you guys! :D
Lazy to elaborate much. Check this out. 

The set up.

My partner - Alden.

My new friends! :D
From left: Queenny, Edward, Jia Ying, Eumi

The girls.

With the boys.

My enemy, Vic Guan! Lol*

Support F3, Grace Choong! :D

Koe Yeet! :)
Didn't meet her after the movie shooting - The Hunter 3D.

Renee, our instructor.

Oh my sexy back. Hahaha!

Talent show - Sing + Dance.

Love this! 

Group dancing by all the finalists.

Crowning for Prom Queen. Yay! :D

Prom King & Prom Queen belong to...
Vic and Grace! :D

Cheeky face! ;)

Group pic with pretty Koe Yeet. :)

All the SBS Prom finalists. Well done!

Thank you so much!

Lovely mini crown.

Nights readers. Stay tuned for the next post. :)

♥ Grace

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  1. hi!! its me sophia again!

    i didnt know you're a Tarcian. I'm a Tarcian as well. studying in Diploma in Public Relations year 2!! :DD