Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So sorry for neglecting my blog for a century! I've been very busy this recently.
Busy with my studies, tests, assignments and prom training almost everyday. Exhausted*
I just came back from training by the way. Feeling tired now. :/
But I still wanna update my blog, my drafts are going to blow up otherwise. Lol*
Today will blog about my photoshoot with the professional wedding photographer Alex Tan & Calvin Ng.
We went to the old railway station at B'worth, that place is very suitable for shooting.
I'm sure many photographers had been there before. Am I right?
Alex and Calvin are very professional and skillful. Both of them instructed me what to do or how to pose nicer.
Seriously I learned a lot after their advising, somehow feel like I've improved a lot in posing. How great!
It was good to work together with them. Let's take a look of the their works! :)

Model: Grace Choong
Make up & Hair-do: Grace Choong
Professional Photographers: Alex Tan & Calvin Ng

Start with my previous profile picture. 
Mum said I look like 杨千嬅 here. Lol*

Baby's favourite! :)

Love the feeling.

By Calvin Tan - ckvin studio.

My favourite! Facinating* :P

'S' shape! LIKE! 

Picture of the day! Alex Tan and my favourite as well. :)

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

By the way, can you guys please do me a favor? :)
I've participated in my college SBS Prom Night and need your votes. Hehe
First, LIKE the page of SBS Night 2011
Then, LIKE my photo F3 Grace Choong.
Easy! Thanks a lot and much appreciate! :D

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RANDOM:: CARLORINO purse for mummy's birthday present. Hope you like it mimi! :D

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Before I end this post, anyone of you play Tetris Battle in facebook? 
If you do, come challenge me! But I'm not that expert laa. Lol*
That's all for today. Tata!