Saturday, August 11, 2012

♥ Outing

Basically I have nothing to do today but I gotta renew my IC and trim my hair.
I didn't renew my IC since I got my IC during 12 years old. Hahaha. Almost 9 years!
I think we should renew it at the age of 18? Lol*
As I'm going to renew my passport soon so I needa have a renewed IC.
Remember I have a Bangkok and Singapore trip next year! Oh can't wait can't wait! :D
Yet, tomorrow I'll be heading to KayElle for a casting. All the way from Penang just for the casting.
So I hope I'll get selected although I was told that high chance to get selected. Lol*
Wish me luck peepo! Hehe*
Well, gonna blog about something random. Outing with friends, baby Paris and casting progress.
All are happened on August. Sorry for not updating often as I'm lazy to edit pictures. :(

Simple outfit for me.

Monica. Yunna. Grace

Keng Chong. Edward. Sam

Look at her 'kiap' face. Haha

Baby boy and I. :)

We went to sing K @ Wow Box. Only both of us but fun! :D

I miss this so much!

Here are some pictures during Nestea casting. Haha
Don't think it is easy, you'll have a great fear when you're ready to fall backwards.

Treasure Hunt Day~

Spot these pretty balloons! :D

Aww~ So pretty!

Guess who's here?

My first time to meet the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. Lol*

Next, meet my 3 months old baby sister, Paris!
She's already 7 months old now. Haha!

Oh no, my pale face. :(

I love to play with baby. Haha

Dajie will hold your hand and lead you kie? :)


Love you baby Paris. :)


Aww shooo happy!! :D

Cutest baby ever! Hehe :P

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♥ Grace