Tuesday, August 14, 2012

♥ Baby Boy & Teong Hooi's 21st Birthday

No plans on Sunday?? Yeaa kinda bored but if I keep hanging out, I can't update my blog. :(
Feel lazy to squeeze my brain to figure out how to write my blog, so tired once I reach home.
Finally I got the chance to eat my favourite Raja Uda Yam Rice after so long, approximately half year!
I asked the darlings housemates out for lunch together after I'd done renewing my passport. Whee!
Will blog about it next time if I snap some pictures. :)
So today I'm blogging about Baby Boy & Teong Hooi's 21st Birthday on August. Lol*
We celebrated at Plan B, Bangsar. We had no better idea where to celebrate so this is the decision since most of us never tried before. I wanted to try Eggs Benedict that day but it's only available until 6pm.
Yet, I tried it the other day. Thumbs up* Oh no, I miss it right now. :/
Let the pictures do the talk now. ;)


Baby boy and I.

The birthday boys. :)

Amirul and Teong Hooi.

Why so serious? :O

The Girls.
Yunna. Monica. Huii. Steph. Shu Hua. Grace

Chit-chatting. Need to wait for one hour plus!

Look! The era of 21st century. Lol*

The Boys.
Edward. Amirul. Keng Chong. Teong Hooi. Yee Kiat. Sam. Kiang Lin

Look like holding hand? HAHA!

Looks like couple but they aren't. Haha

Got his present! :D

Yours truly. 

Wild mushroom soup. Not nice. :/

Spaghetti are good!

Birthday Cake designed by me!
Why badminton? Cause they won the men's double in college. Haha!


Make a wish~


Gay partner!

Omg omg...

Candid. Not ready yet. Lol*

Group picture #1

Group picture #2.

Group picture #3.


Tadaaa~ Present for him!

Ignore my pale face and I'm fat enough. -.-

 See! Shooo happy! :D

Enjoy reading! :D

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♥ Grace


  1. awww...you and your boyfriend are very sweet!! stay sweet and happy forever <3

    merry xmas!!!

    peace and love,