Wednesday, August 15, 2012

♥ The Golden Couple 金童玉女 Movie Shooting

Don't chu feel the weather is very bad now? I'm getting sick already, having sore throat right now.
Damn suffering man. :( And the whole Penang is quite jam today, perhaps after the public holiday and everyone gotta settle their stuffs here and there. Haha. Kinda creative huh? Lol*
By the way, I'm getting fatter and fatter! Oh no, it is way too fat! :(
Dad and mum admonish me that don't eat too much already, they couldn't see my waist. HAHA
Okay, this is serious I'm not kidding, I need to slim down start from now on. 我要减肥鸟!
I wanna be as slim as the time when I involved in this movie 'The Golden Couple 金童玉女'.
Special thanks to De Starlet Production for giving me this opportunity involve in this movie although it was just a little appearance. I'm feeling glad as this might be the small footsteps I need to start with. :)
Other than that, I've seen all the hard works behind you would ever seen to produce a good movie.
Let the pictures do the talking then. :)

So this is me! :)

Korean-style make up.

Pretty Jialin. 


Dear Melinda.

Dear Sherlyn.

Dear Shapig.

Yours truly.

I look so petite beside her. Haha

Three beautiful roses.

Sherlyn used my Pinkaboo and selca. Haha

Beautiful sunset I've ever seen!

With the executive producer of De Starlet Production, Don Hoe.

I love this shot!

With Venice.

With the executive director Don and David + Datuk. 

Me love this!

Love this too!

Keep waiting and waiting for our turn. 

Okay, take a nap first. Lol*

Sherlyn kacau me! Lol*

Finally finished shooting after a whole day long!

With Steve Yap. Nice chat with him. :)

And I met Jess Lee 李佳薇! :D

Know who is he? He's funny! Lol*

Why so serious? -.-

The next day~

We both have long black hair! :D

You know how much I miss my long-black-healthy hair? :(

The lobby.

Heading to the press conference.

Who is that?! 贺军翔 and 谢宛俞!!!

The supervisor of the movie 监制,郑建国.

With Aenie Wong 王淑君. She's very friendly!

Finally we can have our dinner. 

Thanks David for the treat! :D

A visit to Golden Palm Tree Resort. :)
We didn't stay there because we're just keh leh feh. Hahaha!

You have no idea how beautiful it is during the night. 
Most beautiful night scene I've ever seen! :D

And I realize during the night there're always lightning but it would never rain. Lol*

Sun or Moon?

In case some of you don't know how it looks like. Here it is...
As I know, the smallest villa costs at least RM500 while the deluxe one is RM1k plus per night. :O

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

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♥ Grace

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