Friday, February 10, 2012


Hey readers, I was planning to update this post on last Friday but lack of time. So sorry.
Yesterday I went to meet my Mimi right after class at Imperial Hotel with B.
So happy to see her! Hehe. Then we had our dinner at Jalan Alor with her friends.
The next day means today, lol, mum brought me to see traditional chinese therapy.
After the Nike Run KL, my leg will pain whenever I squat for a while or walk for a long distance. :(
So I decided to had an acupuncture therapy before it's getting serious. Hmm
Now I feel much better on my left leg, I was told to rest for two weeks.
Hopefully my leg can recover soon yo!

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Well, gonna about my last month Friday. I know this is so late for you all. Lol*
That day I went to Sunway Pyramid with B, Teong Hooi and Sam.
We borrowed car from Edward and he was willing to borrow. Haha. So kind of him!
Actually we got nothing to do there, just helping friend to choose a present. 
But later on I wanna go for ice skating since it had been a long time I didn't skate.
Yet, a very embarrassing incident happened on me. I fell down and lying on the rink.
Not because I don't know how to skate but I wanted to hold tight my B and...unbalance. LOL!
I knocked both of my knees and it was freaking pain! Gosh~
I laid down for a few mins there and everyone came around me. #wtf
Luckily my knees are fine now. Thanks god. 

Trying Dior lipstick. :)

Simply love this. :)

Ice skating time!

First time ice skating for baby boy. Hehe

Left and right for the first time. Hahaha!

Blue and pink! :D

We look pro right? Haha!

Happy ice skating. :)

Din din at Sushi Zanmai.

Later night, we headed to Beer Factory, Sunway Giza with other friends.
Love the environment. :)

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By the way, can you guys please help me for just a sec?
I've participated in "Miracle Girl Search" organised by SHILLS.
Just click LIKE on my photo --> Grace Choong
Thank you so much! :D

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Readers, I realized my Facebook friends has hit to the max soon.
And I already deleted many friends previously, I lazy to delete again. Lol*
So I think I'll create a page soon, not a fan page, just don't want to handle another account.
I feel it's more troublesome though. I know everyone says the same thing like...
"Not to be a wanna-be or get more fans, just to share my activities and routines etc"
Yeah..But it's true, I'm serious. So you guys wanna say this say that, whatever la. Haha
Alright, gotta stop here and I won't be updating my blog till next week.
As I need to prepare for my coming tests, Audit & Financial Managament. Urghh!
Good luck to myself and enjoy reading readers.

Stay tuned for the next post. :) 

♥ Grace

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