Sunday, November 14, 2010

♥ Welcome!

Hey readers! Welcome to my new blog! :)
Yeah, I've changed my link as well. I guess not that bad right? Any comments?
A very sorry that I've neglected my previous blog for ages due to some problem.
Yet, I didn't delete the previous one as my sister said "There holds lot of memories!" #Lol
So, my life is full of busyness. Studies, dance teaching and competitions coming up soon.
Hence, I have lesser time spend with my B and friends now. Too bad. :( 

I've participated for Double Dare Streetdance competition with Jolynn on 11.12.10.
It will be held at Queensbay Mall, 2pm. Feel free to come to support me! 
Well, I'll update my blog very soon.

Stay tuned. ♥


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