Sunday, November 28, 2010

♥ Family Day

See readers! I told cha I'll update my blog very soon. Did I? :)
Alright, went out have dinner with family on Sunday as you know it was family day.
So, parents decided to have dinner at Hai Nan Town, just beside QEII.
I'd posted before about this restaurant, but it was wroted at my previous blog.
Shall I repeat how was the food? Lol* Well, it was not bad actually if you love Nyonya food. 
I ate a lot that day, my sisters as well. We ordered too many dishes and we couldn't finish it. 

 Testing my Blackie. Haha

 Firework function.

Hai Nan Town.

Mum acts cute. Haha. Sister was shaking her head. Lol!

Big portion especially the curry fish.

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

Later on, mum said wanna bring us to a new place. We said yes!
But at the mean time, we suggested First Avenue but mum said next time. Lol*
So where we reached? We went Penang Times Square did a little shopping.
I bought a flowery high heels and sister bought new clothes for Chinese New Year. So fast!
When it was 10pm, we walked outside and we dropped by Soju Pub . A new place for me.
The food was quite good though, we ordered again. We can eat a lot man. Haha.
Love the environment, it's so pretty and cool. Love the design as well!
Check out the photos then you'll know. :)

Swensens ice cream!


Look at this. Hahaha!

She's pretty! 


Special table.

Special dice.

All are yummy! :D

The blogger.

 We requested from the waiter to get poker cards. We played Chor Dai Di! :D

Look at their serious face. Haha

They don't know how to play, mum was the tutor. Lol*

This is mine. Not bad huh? :)

Took some photos for her. Heh

So young mum!

Well, we played Chor Dai Di until 12am only headed to home. Haha.
We really did enjoy our Sunday. There happened so many laughters when we were playing. Lol*
Hopefully we can hang out like this again next time! 
Alright, good night readers. Sleep tight. ♥


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