Saturday, November 10, 2012

♥ Genting Trip | Jolin Tsai Myself World Tour 2012

TGIF! So happy so happy cause it's weekend again! :D But time flies, now already week 2 of semester. :(
By the way, it's Monica's 22nd Birthday today and we gonna celebrate with her tomorrow.
Yet, we gave her a big surprise last night at 12am, butter cream all over her face! LMAO*
Will blog about it soon. Hahaha. And I'm going to give her another little surprise later. :P
Well, today blog post is my Genting Trip with sisters and mum on November.
Actually the reason we went up is to watch Jolin Myself World Tour 2012! So excited!
It was the first time I watch a real live concert! I knew it must be very fun and high! And yes it is! :D
Sisters and I keep screaming like so mad until we broke our voice. Lol*
Anyway, it was a very great trip with mum and sisters. It had been a long time though. Heh
Let the pictures do the talking. :)

Day 1.
#turtleneck long sleeve from Uniqlo.

Angeline sis.

Look like I'm the second youngest. Hahaha!

Mum and sisters. Which is my mimi? :P

On the way to Genting. First time drove up to Genting. Haha

Michelle sis. Guai guai always ya. Lol*

Love them yo. Hehe


Day 2 - Outdoor Theme Park.

Loving my socks and cap, also my new Converse!

Same with Jolynn sis. Hehe

Outfit of the day.
Cap from Fourskin, baby tee from Lois, hot pants from Sungai Wang,
Cap & cuff from Fourskin, Castor Grey Converse & polka dots stockings.

Childhood! :D


Ice cream Ice cream, I'll melt you down like Ice cream~ HYUNA! :D

So fake? Hahaha!

Yo! What's up?

After that, we went to SnowWorld! :D

So cold! Temperature was -6 degrees Celsius!!            

Not allowed to take photo actually. Lol*

Very pretty inside! :D
Click HERE for more information. :)

There are photographers inside, so no worries! But need to pay a substantial amount. -.-

Finally, till the night.

We're here! :D

Don't know what am I laughing for. Lol*

Got this light sticks for 10 bucks. But without this, no meaning. -.-

Start liao! 

Opening song was 大艺术家. 
Jolynn sis guessed it correct. Lol*

She is so pretty! :D


End. Awesome! :D

Balik kampung.

What a great day!

Going back to KayElle.

But nope, Pavilion first. Haha

Angeline sis never tried before. :)

My beloved mimi. Loves*

Mum looks so young here. Miss y'all! :)
I'm coming home soon....

Check it out! A simple video edited by Jolynn sis. :)

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