Monday, November 12, 2012

♥ Cubic Fashion House Photoshoot

Is your Monday Blue? My area was raining just now but my Monday still not blue. 
As my little Myvi has arrived to KayElle! All the way from Penang drove by dear Huii and Sam. Haha
The reason I need a car is to attend Golden Disk Awards tomorrow at Sepang International Circuit! :D
Anyone of you going as well? I bought the Rockpit Zone from Groupon, at only RM 209! Hehe
I just found that Groupon just gave out deals with Samsung Galaxy Zone (VIP) only at RM422 instead of RM528! Check it out HERE. For Rockpit and Hallyu Zone, click HERE. Grab it now!
I guess tomorrow will be a crazy night for all the K-Pop fans including me and baby boy. Haha
I can't wait to see Hyuna, Super Junior and Big Bang, but only G-Dragon is coming. Sad :(
Well, gonna blog about Cubic Fashion House Photoshoot. It's a new online boutique.
My partner that day was Monica. It was her first time shooting though. 
Not to elaborate much. Check out the lovely photos. :)


We love these shot! :D

My current Facebook profile picture. :)

Testing testing~

Behind the scenes. Our hostel became a studio. Lol*

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♥ Grace

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  1. i dunno why but i like those floral dress a lot! =D