Sunday, September 23, 2012

♥ iFeel Girl Search 2012 Grand Final

Saturday then Sunday, no plans for me. Staying at home update my blog and watch drama again.
My life is kinda bored huh? My life is not interesting anymore somehow.
Perhaps I'm lazy to hang out in KayElle since I don't own a car to travel. How sad. :(
I'm still waiting for papa to buy a car for me. Hope he won't break his promise. Haha
Can't wait until March! Any car will do as long as not Proton or bad condition car will do. Lol*
Well, today blogging about iFeel Girl Search 2012 Grand Final on September 2012. #latepost
I'm very glad that I won the 2nd runner-up for this competition though I hope I was the winner.
As all the contestants are very potential to get into Top 3 and I feel I'm pretty lucky! :D
Apart from that, I won 3+1 subsidiary titles! Plus 1 which means an additional award, Live Votes. Haha
I didn't know I would gain so many votes and supports from the audience! Kinda surprised yo!
So, I would like to thank you the honorable judges for awarding me this honor.
Nevertheless, thanks for all the supports from everyone, friends and family, and you readers!
Not to forget whoever voted for me online too and thanks for coming to support me darlings housemates. :)
Let's check it out!

Make up by Etude House.
Hair do by 8 Days Hair Studio.
Outfit by Lois Jeans.

My dear Maggie. Smooch* :P

Dear Akiyo. :)

Dear Karen. :)

How pretty is my dear? Haha.

Thanks for supporting me always! :)

They said this girl look like me at the first sight. Lol*

Opening dance.


Talent performance.

Catwalk show.

Announce result.

Thanks Jeen, managing editor of iFeel.

Congrats Akiyo!

Congrats dear Maggie!

Thanks Deric from Diva Production.


We are good friends too beside Top 3. Haha! :D

My supporters! Hehe 


Thank you so much! This is insane! :D

Thanks for coming! :D

Sheila and Eugenia.

Thanks baby boy! :D

 Later on, treat my darlings housemates of course! :D

Love y'all! 

 Kena liao!! At Sephora. Hahaha!

Pavilion. :D

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 

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♥ Grace

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